Language is no longer a barrier when it comes to communicating
your research intent, message and value. ​

Translation + Expert Proofreading

USD 150​

3,000 characters

The same value for your paper, but with a 43% lower cost!​

Experience an affordable paper translation service at an average cost that’s 43% lower than the competition.​ We accurately convey the author’s intention and message through the efficiency of AI trained on paper data from SCIE-level journals and the expertise of human translators.​

Korean > English Translation Service Cost Comparison

Third-party translation services Journal Lab Translation Package Cost
Based on 3,000 Korean characters 230,000 won 100,000 won
Based on 5,000 Korean characters 350,000 won 200,000 won
Based on 10,000 Korean characters 660,000 won 450,000 won
*VAT not included.

This is why translating your paper can reduce your costs by 43%​

  • AI translation trained on academic manuscript data​

    Experience our innovative academic translation made possible with AI and human synergy.​ With our AI translation engine trained on millions of academic data for higher accuracy and cost-efficiency, and our professional translators with a minimum of 5 years of linguistic experience, Journal Lab creates the perfect harmony between these two forces.​

  • More than 2,000 professional translators specialized in every field​

    Journal Lab is Lexcode’s brand of professional services for papers.​ By utilizing Lexcode’s pool of professional translators with over 20 years of experience in tens of thousands of translation projects, we provide specialized translation services from translators with a master’s degree in a relevant field or at least 5 years of proven experience.​

  • Efficient platform system​

    Leverage the platform from the ground up, from quotation to request and project progress, so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary add-on services. You can quickly and easily request and proceed directly with the service you need online, with no phone calls or emails required.​

The base rate is
up to 3,000 characters for all clients​

Get a professional translation of your paper for up to 3,000 characters starting at only USD 90 for Korean to English translation.​

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  • Is the quality of AI translation good enough?

    AI translation is not anyone’s enemy. Rather, it should be considered as a complementary tool to break down language barriers.
    Journal Lab’s translation service performs a natural and sophisticated AI translation that is followed by human postediting done by translators themselves. With this system, rest assured that our translated output is high-quality, organized, and with a natural, logical flow.
  • How long does the translation take?

    The average turnaround time for a full paper is approximately 3–5 business days. (Abstracts can be delivered within 24 hours.)​
    However, the time frame may be adjusted depending on the volume and complexity. ​
  • Can I request changes if I don’t like the result once the translation is completed?​

    If you let us know what needs to be corrected, we will check with our in-house translators and reviewers (bilingual and native) and apply the necessary changes accordingly. ​
    However, please note that any changes requested that go beyond the original translation (adding new texts, replacing sentences, etc.) are classified as retranslations, etc., and additional charges will be incurred. ​