Save time on tedious tasks, and invest it in more valuable work.​

Formatting + Submission​

USD 99​

(1 time)

When requesting formatting, submission is also part of the service!​

Carefully checking the journal rules, formatting accordingly, and taking care of additional documents required by the journal can be time-consuming and unproductive.​
Leave everything to Journal Lab. When using the formatting package, the submission service is offered free of charge.​

Professional and systematic process​

We only format your paper after carefully examining the style guide (whether APA, MLS, ACS, CMS, or something completely different) of the target journal and its latest published papers. For our Formatting service, we go beyond the usual format by also reviewing you presentation of data through figures and tables, as well as identifying all documents needed for submission that you may have missed. All important steps to take before submission are then relayed to the client. After the client fills out the “Client Information Sheet” and reviews the needed revisions, we’re all set for Submission!​