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DeepRead 2.0 Quality Assurance Testing

Average time to complete 1 paper

68 minutes

Analysis time for 1 DeepRead 2.0 paper

40 seconds

Submit your abstract and receive a comprehensive NLP-powered analysis including grammatical accuracy, recommended research titles, suggested journals, and more!
Powered by GPT-4 and experts from Journal Lab's deep learning research team.

1 · AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

We'll answer any questions you have about the paper, from technical terms you don't understand to follow-up research by the authors.

2 · Analyze

Analyze paper

The step-by-step AI analysis of your whole paper provides a variety of insights to help you get your paper published, including a summary of the main points, keyword suggestions, reference suggestions, research title suggestions, and journal suggestions.

3 · Auto Save


The results of your paper analysis with DeepRead 2.0 are automatically saved and organized for you. Easily view previous analysis results whenever you need them.

4 · My Library

Create a library

Create custom libraries to fit your research topic or purpose. Organize them into folders and view projects at your convenience. Say goodbye to complicated history tracking.

5 · PDF Expert

PDF download

Get the analysis results as a PDF file. Save the results for easy viewing and sharing

Get ready for DeepRead 2.0, the paper analysis that leads the way