Use your research funds more efficiently.​

We help researchers manage their funds more efficiently so they can focus on their research.​
Top up your Journal Lab membership points, and use them whenever you want.​


  • How long do Journal Lab membership points last?

    There is no specific usage period, and you can redeem them whenever you need to.
  • Can I get any rebates for topping up cumulatively?

    When making a prepayment to top up your membership points, we’ll give you a 5% rebate if the charged amount is over USD 4,000 in a single transaction. ​
  • How does payment work? 

    You can pay by cash or credit card. If you have questions about redeeming points, please contact and we will help you ASAP.
  • How can I get an official receipt or other supporting documents?

    Please let us know if you need any documentary evidence, such as quotations or tax invoices, cash receipts, or transaction statements, so we can prepare them accordingly.