Experience high-quality proofreading with clarity, consistency, and a natural, logical flow.​

Scholar Editing + Formatting​

USD 250

(3,000 words)

No additional costs and no hidden fees!​

Get academic English editing services, including logical structure review, at a fraction of the cost of other providers.​
Formatting to match the style of your target journal and additional after-sales services, all in one go!​

Comparison of third-party editing service costs​

*VAT not included.

Lifetime warranty​

Based on the results after Submission, we have a systematic response system to support authors all the way through.
If you receive a rejection from a journal reviewer, we will analyze the reason for the rejection and make additional revisions to prepare your paper for resubmission.
From minor revisions to major revisions, we got you covered! ​
With Journal Lab’s reliable warranty, you can now focus on your research with peace of mind!​

Scope and frequency of warranty

  • Journal feedback analysis


  • Communication with the editorial board / journal reviewers


  • Correspondence proofreading


  • Reediting additional modifications​


* Additional formatting and submissions are not included in the lifetime warranty. If you need these services, please purchase a formatting package.

Expert feedback makes your paper stronger​

Get a dedicated project manager and editor best suited for you and your paper.​
A professional editor with a background in the field and topic of your paper performs an intensive and comprehensive review. The editor ensures that your intention as an author can be reflected without deviating from your intended tone and message.​
During each session, we’ll review your manuscript to ensure it’s written correctly and not missing any essential components. In addition to the manuscript, we also take care of other documents that must be submitted (cover letter, author statement, supplementary files, etc.)


  • Who are the editors?

    Native English-speaking editors with at least 5 years of editing experience, at least 2 publications in SCIE, SCI, or SSCI journals, and a master’s degree or higher in a related field.
  • How long does the editing process take?

    The average editing period is about 3 to 5 business days. However, the time frame may be adjusted depending on the paper. ​